What Fresh Hell is This

by Citronella

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released September 13, 2016

Acoustic guitar, vocals: Scott Swift
Banjo, melodica, mandolin: Kevin Gigler
Acoustic bass: Eamon Dreisbach

Album art by Eamon Dreisbach



all rights reserved


Citronella Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Inspired by Historical Americana, the sound of a well strung cello, Scott's mustache and Tyler Perry's 2009 cult classic Madea Goes to Jail.

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Track Name: The Devils Curly Hair
Her name was Jane
Know her name
They others they
Hadn't a clue
She praises the moon
And Johnny thought
He knew it all
He winked at Jane and hollard a call
Johnny was dead by the end of fall

I asked Jane one night
On down by the river
Do you ever get weary?
Do you ever quiver?

While swimming in the dark
Swimming in the dark x3

No I'm not afraid
To find my way
In the absence of light
At the end of the day
Because the moon it shines
And it speaks to me
It shows me things
Others don't want to see

She's got
Legs as long as the pine
She's got
Lips as red as blood
She's got
Bones to make her bread
She's got
The Devils curly hair x3
Track Name: Another Day
Lying in your bed
With your own bed friend
Paul and Susie
They always said

We'll love each other till the day we die
And we'll make some kids
And we'll bake apple pie
And we'll buy a little house
And we'll get a car
But why's it gotta be so damn hard
Why's it gotta be so damn hard

Paul had a job
He traveled about
Susie had a job
She worked from home

But time it passed and the kids got old
And they were left with an empty home
It'll be alright
It's gonna be okay
We just gotta look to brand new day
We just gotta look for another way

Paul and Susie
They had a son
He ran away from
His only home

And he's been trying so damn hard
To write a new chapter
With a broken heart
And he wants to be like his ma Susie
He wants to be like his pa
Like he
He wants to be like his pa
Like he
Track Name: To Be a Good Man
She's the kinda girl
That doesn't know
I look at her
When we're alone
And she draws herself
So bittersweet
She means much more
Than that to me

And I'm the kinda man
That doesn't see
His reflection
Is a mighty sea
And she never feels
Quite at home
I can't be there
While you roam
Track Name: Him and I
What a feeling it is
To peer in the mirror
And see someone else
So much clearer

But him and I we share the same name
Him and I we have the same brain
Him and I we have history
The history of me x2

But I can't tell
If he's real or not
When I look at him
The clock it stops

But what he says is always so mean
I can see him now
I see him in my dreams
He reminds me of things I've seen
Things I've seen
Of the people I've been x2

There are those that say
From past lives you pay
For the things once done
For the dead mans weight

But I don't know what he has done
To deserve what I have become
His pale blue eyes they stare back at me
They stare back at me
They glare with envy
He wants to be free
Track Name: Until Joe Leaves
The fire in my mind
Oh it waists my time
Oh the fire in my mind

I'm waiting for the day until Joe leaves
He headed for the prairie, I'm down on my knees
And could you tell me girl, tell me now
Is it worth the wait
For that golden plow

The fire in my mind
Oh it waists my time
Oh the fire in my mind

I heard you were going to the Northern lands
And while you're away, I'll be making my plans
And when you're dipping toes on windy docks
I'll be thinking of her
And watching the clock

The fire in my mind
Oh it waists my time
Oh the fire in my mind

My she's a flower, she's one of a kind
So I'm not giving up, I'm not cutting the line
I'm not the kinda man to send bad luck and thorns
I just want you and your man to be torn
Track Name: Clothesline
Time will dry
Like clothes on a line
Our hot tears
Our hot tears
And she said
I'll see ya at
Our reunion
In the 30 years

And we fell
Out of place
When we made
Our mistakes
Because I said
The wrong thing
And she took
The flowers too late