Thistle and Bone

by Citronella

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Eric Swift
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Eric Swift Love the lyrics and the melody Favorite track: Maybe I'll Go.
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released February 7, 2016

We are not actually BrumbleBees and the McSandwiches

Scott Swift - guitar, lead vocals
Eamon Dreisbach - acoustic bass, vocals, percussion
Kevin Gigler - banjo, vocals, drums, melodica
Sawyer Long - vocals on Jayhawker's Muse
Kathryn Justice- vocals on Maybe I'll Go

Cover art courtesy of the incomparable Jonathan Rhodes



all rights reserved


Citronella Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Inspired by Historical Americana, the sound of a well strung cello, Scott's mustache and Tyler Perry's 2009 cult classic Madea Goes to Jail.

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Track Name: Shackle and Chain
There once was a ship made of thistle and bone
Sailed by a man who was all alone
And he spent his life on the deep blue sea
Never to be who he wanted to be

Shackle and chain (oh) x2

Then one day the ship had a guest
A woman came by on a floating chest
She said please sir may I come aboard
And he asked his ship, and the ship was torn

Shackle and Chain (oh) x2

This ship is my body, this ship is my soul
And if I fall off it'll take my toll
There are too many things that I cannot say
For I am a-feared that you won't stay

Thistle and Bone (Oh) x4
Track Name: Maybe I'll Go
I'd like to think
I'm a simple man
All I need
Is a little land
And I know I'm gonna die
But I'm not afraid
Put my ashes in a can
And I'll float away

Maybe I'll move
Way up north
Where the waves crash hard
On them rocky shores
And maybe I'll make my way down south
Where the food goes straight from heart to mouth
And maybe I'll jump on a train so fast
That I fall right off and break my ass
And maybe I'll to the girl next door
And maybe she'll smile just a little more

And maybe I'll go
Sign on up
And maybe I'll get myself
Shot in the gut
But I don't wanna work on the well at night
Because my water's already starting to ignite
Can't you tell I'm a simple man
I hold my heart within my hands

And maybe make my way out west
Other side of Mississippi they don't rest
And maybe I'll make my way to the sea
Where my boat will sail on the salty breeze
And maybe I'll jump on a train so fast
That I fall right off and break my ass
And maybe I'll talk to the girl next door
And maybe she'll smile just a little more
Track Name: 5 Minutes Outside of Swabia Creek
Going to the store, and buying me a shovel
Got me a ten buck spade
That's a mighty deal now, saving me some money
Gotta do some digging today
Because I...
Murdered Benny Three Dice
Shot him in the moonlight
Told him not to come my way
People round been asking
Where did Benny get to?
Told them that he's gone away
Gone, gone, gone away

Chorus: Away x2

Momma's in the parlor
She's a-been a-crying
Benny was her sunny day
Shining on the left now
Shining on the right now
All I need's some god damn shade
Oh some god damn shade

Chorus: shade x2

These damn night frights been killing me
The same damn dream of murdering Benny
And johnny law's been looking for me
So I'm-a-gonna' drink till I'm free

Chorus: Free x2
Track Name: February 14th
February 14th
Is coming up
But I'm not inclined
To give a fuck
Wouldn't you say so?
My dear
Wouldn't you say so?

Country living
Is sweet
And city living
Is neat

But I don't care
If you're not there
Yeah I don't care
If you're not there
I'd go to the bottom
Of the deep blue sea
Just to find one
Who sees me

I drink a lot now
To dull the pain
While he breaks bread
Over my grave
My father would tell me
His stories of youth
How things were so simple
Back in the day

So they say x4
Track Name: Jayhawker's Muse
Gonna kill all my enemies
And shoot all the bastards
Who are wearing those denim jeans

Running through the field with Johnny on my tail x2

Ooh, all my corn washed away in the flood
And ooh, so I join the army spilling blood

Running through the field with Johnny on my tail x2

Nancy Sue, left for a richer man than me
Because I'm a poor boy, my daddy had me sowing seed

Running through the field with Johnny on my tail
And my blood starts to quiver
When I hear the yip and hell
God all mighty
I'm the beast of the earth
And yes ma'am, yes ma'am
I've got the thirst

Running through the field with Johnny on my tail x2
Track Name: The Ballad of Dan Snyder
Dan, Dan, Danny Snyder
Danny's got
The bus driver blues
He works all day
And the like the rest
He's just getting bye
Could you tell me Mr. Snyder?
Could you lend me a cigarette lighter?
He says people ain't as nice
As you and I
People ain't as sweet
As you and me

Because the pimps they talk
About their girls
And from what he says
They ain't no pearls
And the prisoners speak
Of things
So vile and fowl

But Dan, Dan, Danny Snyder
Working bare bones
For a days worth of food
He sleeps in a bunk house
With only one room
His kids sit at the table
With look of despair
They look over at daddy
It's a vacant chair...